i write

I write

because of the moon

​because the most high

​allows ideas to attack me daily

because mc's

wanna move the crowd

and I wanna move


I write

because I was never taught to,

but I learned how to read

in spite of him and always for her

I write

because of the Alchemist

for the seasons in Neruda

and if Frida was alive

she would be my very best friend

I write

for Botero's view on beauty

and Saul's passion

I write

because I never knew my father

I barely know my mother

and my grandmother died

I write

for my version of a second hand

story passed down to me

through drunk tongues

I write to make you


to remind you that 

​you don't know me

I write

for love,

for the idea of love,

for the idea of love that I would give my life for

Injustices with baby fingers

I write

to gain courage for them,

sanity for me,

and to keep her woo'd

I write

because paper is sacrifice

to not let the tree die in vain

I write ultimately,

to be free

Below is an example of my work that I have performed and published.


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Marlon "Marley" Lizama

marlon lizama

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