Cultural Ladrones is a group that creates events with the theme of "Art for Art's sake". The environment created celebrates thought, poetry, and music. The events are random, and are not for profit, they are meant to feature up and coming artists and celebrate the art scene. The Cultural Ladrones has no home and can pop off anywhere in the city, Marlon and partner David Cruz make sure they provide artists a venue that is not only safe, but beautiful in space. "Every artist deserves to be seen or be displayed in a beautiful place".

        The Ladrones is a group of artists made up of a poet, a percussionist, and a guitarist/musician. The percussionist, Jose "Chapy" Luna plays with "Los Eskarnales" and the "Suffers". His obvious passion for music makes him stand out and if you see him you will know why. Alongside Chapy, we have Jose Orellana, an all around musician who's passion for all around music makes him the perfect musician to work with. His vocals are unique and his guitar skills can keep up with anybody, but his ability to create is what makes him special. The Poet, Marlon "Marley" Lizama brings in his own flavor and his own perspective on how to mix Hip Hop and latin music together. They are called Ladrones ( thieves )for they take whatever inspires them without asking and ultimately makes it theirs.

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Marlon "Marley" Lizama

  • Invisible Americano2:49

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